Here are some other things you should keep a close eye on:


  • Check for broken links and other technical faults on your site.

  • Search for keywords relevant to your industry to see if your site turns up in the search results.

  • Check your competitors' sites regularly to see if they're running any special promotions or have any new products.

  • Search the web for random phrases from pages on your site to make sure no one is using your content without linking back to you.

  • Search on your own company name and URL to see if anyone's saying anything bad about you.



Website Maintenance

Quick Update

  -  2-3 days business days

  -  $35 per hour. 1 hr. min



  -  daily, weekly or monthly



  -  5-7 business days

  -  $25 per hour. 1 hr. min.


Rush Update

  -  next day

  -  $50 per hour. 1 hr. min.


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